vacationing as a last-ditch effort to save a failing marriage

pain waits
crouched in the valley
like the crooked eyetooth
of lovelorn dog
a wounded lapwing
with a drunkard’s song

pain waits like a prayer:
we are bound in the trance
of recital

pain waits
free on the ridges
like a limestone waypoint
lit by cobalt stars
a faded drifter
in a rusted car

pain waits in your voice:
a sweet sound with no chance
of survival

pain waits
gilt on the edges
like a mourning cloak
on a feldspar draw
a curling ribbon
for a sunbleached craw

pain waits like a prayer:
in the sweet by-and-by
Lord, by-and-by


Unholy Imaginings Copyright © by Kat Karney. All Rights Reserved.

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