i once held joy
but you culled it
because you could
because love is
capricious and eternal

you cut swiftly,
slicing the hand
instinctively raised
to protect myself

the horror of your mouth
let me know how it was
frozen in the retreat
of your convict

i didn’t scream
until they held me down
dug lead out,
and scolded me
for dying

you didn’t cry
until they tracked you down,
drew you out,
and punished you
for lying

where do we learn
to rehearse these battles?
to deny pain a stage?
to playact forgiveness?
feign trust
but wait
for the knife

you voiced regret
but i nulled it
because i could
because love is
vindictive and ceaseless


Unholy Imaginings Copyright © by Kat Karney. All Rights Reserved.

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